Welcome to the site that has much to offer.  My name is Mary VanMeer.  I have many interesting topics to share with you at different locations.  Consider this the headquarters for the digital world!  Most of my sites are focused on either ways to SAVE you money or to help you MAKE more money.

Yes; I think money is GOOD, and I want everyone to have plenty of it.

We are beginning our digital journey with a site filled with a diversity of things to learn and have fun with.  The primary focus is how to make money online and how to generate traffic quickly to your site. It is under the umbrella of Easy Internet, Inc., which is creating a series of user-friendly step-by-step Easy Internet Publications.

At HowToBlogForFunAndProfit.com you will learn tips and tricks for setting up a profitable website and how to let the world know you’re here.  Its slogan is “Work from Home and Be Free to Roam | How to Make Money Online.”  It will keep you up on the latest social media news as well as explain what social media is, why it’s important to your personal and business lives, and more.  Here you will learn how to monetize your site and do your own Internet marketing.  This is also where you will find detailed information about each e-book and e-workbook that is published by Easy Internet, Inc.

If you need help with any online questions or problems, you can visit VirtualAssistantGazette.com to find someone who can help you maintain your blogs and business social media posts; increase traffic to your site; and help out in numerous ways so you have time to focus on your business to make more money, as well as have more time for yourself and your family.  Its slogan is “Let me help you take back control of your business and your life!”

ThriftyTraveling.com offers tips and resources and deals that will make your travel experiences more interesting and less expensive.  Its slogan is “Pay Little, Travel BIG!”

It includes a Luxury Traveling section which shows you where and how to spend time and money in all the places the rich and famous go.  Here you will find tips on how to spend less while still enjoying the magic and extravagance that is available throughout the world.  Other times you’ll have to pay full price, but you’ll be glad to know about those places as well.

The Over-50 Thrifty Traveling section is devoted to baby boomers and beyond!!  There are organizations, activities, and adventures just for those who have at least reached their 50th birthday.  There are also discounts and perks.  This is where to find them.

Please visit my sites, have fun, and prosper.  Also, come back and visit this page from time to time so you’ll know what additional topics have been added to our digital family.

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